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Booking engine

The Zeus Manager booking engine is a versatile tool with which you can connect your website, your social networks and some Google services (Google My Business, Google Maps …) with the Zeus online reservation management module .

To link the Zeus Manager booking engine to your accounts and social media pages, you just have to paste the booking link to the button, page or place you want to integrate. These links are created automatically when a Zeus user account is activated for the first time.

Once you have integrated our booking engine, all users who register through the booking form will be automatically added to the Guests’ module of Zeus Manager.

When making a reservation, the diner must perform a series of steps.

  • First, the client must select the day and the shift they want to reserve. All the information that the diner will see in this first step is related to the settings made of the schedule module.
  • Once the customer has selected the shift, they must select the menu or menu to reserve. The menus you will see are linked in the section Menus.
  • In the third step, the customer must choose the number of guests for his reservation.
  • In the final step the guest will have to enter the contact information for their reservation. If the reservation was successful, you will receive a confirmation email or SMS.

In the event that the client leaves a note in their reservation, you can view it in the main panel of the Zeus Manager reservation book.

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