5 Key indicators to understand the performance of your restaurant

Discover the 5 key indicators to understand the performance of your restaurant: sales, costs, menus, reservations, and customer satisfaction.

Imagine your restaurant as a culinary masterpiece where flavors, aromas, and customer experience intertwine. However, even the most passionate chef knows that behind every dish lies a business that must be profitable and sustainable.

In this context, data analysis becomes the “secret ingredient” that transforms a restaurant into more than just a place to eat.

In this article, we explain the 5 key indicators provided by Zeus Manager that will help you evaluate the profitability of your restaurant in an easy and effective way.

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1. Restaurant sales

Sales are the heart of any business in the hospitality industry. To measure profitability, it is essential to track daily, weekly, and monthly sales. This will allow you to:

2. Labor costs

Staff is undoubtedly a fundamental element in the operation of your restaurant.

However, the financial aspect should not be overlooked, and this is where control and management of labor costs come into play.

In this sense, it is crucial to maintain a balance between keeping a trained team and keeping costs under control. This involves closely monitoring aspects such as salaries, taxes, and benefits. 

3. Menu performance

Tracking the best-selling menus in your restaurant can have a significant impact on your business’s success. This is what happens when you monitor and analyze your menus:

Maximizes your income

By identifying the best-selling menus, you can focus your efforts on promoting them, thereby increasing their demand. This translates into higher income, as customers tend to choose what is most popular and recommended.

Inventory optimization

Knowing the best-selling menus allows you to manage your stocks and resources more efficiently. You can anticipate demand and avoid unnecessary waste by adjusting your inventory of ingredients according to what sells the most.

Improving customer experience

By keeping the most popular menus within the options, you are meeting your customers' expectations. Quality and availability contribute to a more positive customer experience.

Diversification and experimentation

With information on the best-selling menus, you can balance them between favorite classics and new additions. This allows you to diversify your offer, attract different audiences, and maintain the interest of diners over time.

Tracking the best-selling menus in your restaurant allows you to make more informed decisions, adapt your offer, and maximize income while keeping your customers happy. 

4. Volume of reservations per hour

Knowing when your restaurant is expected to be busier will allow you to optimize staff and resource management.

With Zeus Manager, you can know, through a heat map, your busiest time slots. This way, you can analyze the volume of reservations per hour and adjust your schedules and marketing strategies.

5. Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the key to long-term profitability.

With our software, you can easily monitor your customers’ opinions and level of satisfaction.

Knowing their experiences and ratings will help you make better decisions in your business, identify areas for improvement, and maintain a solid reputation.

Satisfied customers not only return but also recommend your restaurant to others.

By understanding sales, personnel costs, menu performance, volume of reservations per hour, and customer opinion, you can make informed decisions and increase the profitability of your business.

Zeus Manager helps you manage and analyze this data efficiently, allowing you to focus on what you do best: offering an exceptional culinary experience to your customers.


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