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Analytics Module

Take control of your business

Analyze your restaurant’s information easily from any device and location. Our intelligent software offers you the most relevant data so that you can make the best decisions for your business.


Evaluate your location's performance

Improve your workforce planning by visualizing your employees’ vacations and absences on the same panel.

Improve your business efficiency by keeping track of your team’s costs on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

Track all types of payments in your business to plan the total amount you need to have available at the end of each month.

Visualize the total number of hired employees per month and improve your forecasting for efficient amount of personnel.


Your reservations, in detail

Visualize the evolution of your reservations month by month and keep track of the confirmed, cancelled reservations and No Shows.

Get a summary of the number of menus reserved and which ones are the most popular. Have better control in decision-making.

Through a simple daily heat map, know at which time your restaurant has the most customer volume and optimize your restaurant’s capacity with our intelligent reservation engine.

Get the results of your diners’ satisfaction surveys through a simple graph.

Reduce los No-Show del Restaurante

We solve real problems

How does the analytics module help you?


Visualize your business's activity with simple graphs to help you control personnel costs, productivity and time management.


Use Zeus Manager metrics to get detailed information about your business's situation and your reservations' activity.

POS (Coming soon)

Discover statistics about revenue vs. labor costs, productivity, averages per customer...