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Labor Module

The ultimate solution for your management team

Organize your staff from any device and location. Simplify all processes and dedicate your time to what really matters.


Improve the management your teams

Keep all the information you need about your staff in one place. Create a list with all your employees and digitize their data in minutes.

Track your contracts and manage absences and vacations instantly.

Precise and efficient information of the costs and salaries of your employees.

Evaluate their skills to help them improve or solve a unnecessary problem as fast as possible.


Your staff always ready for action

Create and assign schedules according to needs, confirmed reservations, and/or time from the same panel, and instantly obtain the costs involved.

Supervise your team’s schedules as well as overtime and/or time bank in an agile way.

Improve the schedules by assigning job positions to cover the operations of your restaurant.

Riesgos Laborales Zeus Laboral

Time tracking

The time tracking you need

Link the Zeus Employee app to the labor module and in a matter of minutes your workers can register their active working hours.

View all your workers’ hours from one place.

Perform simplified and complete time tracking for each employee.

Zeus Manager ensures compliance with the Timesheet Law.


The definitive checklist

Create and assign tasks to your employees based on their categories and your restaurant’s needs.

Track the progress of your personel tasks from a single panel and instantly check if they have been completed correctly.

Tareas - Laboral

Payroll and Payments

No discrepancies, no paperwork

Keep accurate track of your workers’ payments from a single screen.

Monitor the status and payment method of your employees.

Automate the payment remittances of your workers easily and quickly.

Eliminate paperwork and discover the new way to send payrolls to your employees.

Zeus Employee, the app designed for your employees

Zeus Employee does it for you

Keep your employees informed of their shifts at all times in real time.

Eliminate paper and discover the new way to clock-in your employees and avoid unnecessary delays. Avoid delays.

Assign and inform your employees of their different assigned tasks while ensuring their completion.

Facilitate the request and confirmation of vacations and the submission of absence justifications in real time.

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How does the Labor module help you?

Zeus Manager

Manage your staff

Digitize contracts, vacations, and absences of your employees.

Zeus Manager -

Manage your employees schedules

Simplify the creation and optimize the management of your staff schedules. Anytime, anywhere.

Zeus Manager - Control de fichajes empleados


View all your workers’ hours from one place.

Zeus Manager - Software de gestión de tareas

Manage tasks

Create and assign tasks from any device and improve your restaurant's efficiency.

Zeus Manager - Gestión de pagos

Manage payments

Easily control your workers' payments: payrolls, supplements, overtime hours, and more...

Zeus Employee

Zeus Employee streamlines communication and timekeeping of your team