Reduce los No-Show del Restaurante

Reduce No-Shows in high tourism season

Discover how to face the challenge of No-Shows in restaurants with the Zeus Manager Reservations Module.

No-Shows, or ghost reservations, are a significant problem in the restaurant industry. According to Arnaud Laverdin, chef of La Bijouterie restaurant in Lyon, No-Shows represent approximately 2 to 4 empty tables every day, considering that the restaurant has 26 seats. When a reservation does not show up, restaurants face economic losses that affect their profitability and sustainability. For this reason, it is crucial to find effective solutions to eliminate or reduce this problem and provide an optimal experience for diners.

In response to the growing problem of No-Shows, new tools and strategies have emerged in recent years. At Zeus Manager, we have developed our own unique approach to addressing the issue by closely monitoring market fluctuations and customer habits. This has enabled us to offer effective solutions that significantly reduce No-Shows.

What is the solution?

Before exploring the solutions that Zeus Manager offers you, it is essential to understand the seriousness of the problem. No-Shows can be a major issue for restaurants, as they do not just impact billing, but can also disrupt the dining experience for other potential customers who want to enjoy your establishment.

The internal operations of the restaurant are impacted as the food inventory is prepared based on the anticipated number of customers. The staffing schedule is also organized based on the expected volume of diners.

Automatic reconfirmation
of reservations

One of the most effective strategies to eliminate No Shows is the automatic reconfirmation of reservations. These systems send automatic messages to customers with links that include links to easily cancel their case of unexpected events.

To avoid No-Shows, diners receive reminders for their reservations. Moreover, the restaurant sends reconfirmation notifications a day prior, allowing them to quickly respond to cancellations and fill empty tables.

Implementing prepaid

To ensure that customers show up for their reservations, restaurants can offer full or partial prepaid options. This approach is similar to prepaying for hotel rooms or plane tickets, as it requires a level of commitment on the part of the diner.

Restaurants can reap a dual benefit from this method: not only does it significantly reduce the number of No-Shows, but they also receive compensation even if the customer fails to show up.

Thanks to these strategies and solutions, restaurants with the Zeus Manager Reservation Module have significantly reduced No-Shows, maximizing their occupancy and profitability.

In conclusion, No-Shows represent a significant challenge for the restaurant industry, but they are also an opportunity to implement innovative solutions. Zeus Manager, as an emerging platform in restaurant reservations, has been a pioneer in optimizing the gastronomic experience for both restaurant owners and diners. Created by and for the restaurant industry.


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