Reservation book

Your reservations, under control

Visualize all your reservations

Visualize all your reservations from Zeus Manager’s intelligent reservation engine, ordered by dates and shifts.

Edit the information, assign them a status, and have all the updated information to improve customer service.

Manage real-time reservations and anticipate the occupancy of your restaurant.

Register your customers

Create customers with or without reservations from the main panel of the reservations module easily and efficiently.

Enter all data efficiently and create your own customer database.

Leave notes about the personnel or customers requests of your reservations so that all your employees are informed about everything at all times.

Create maps of your rooms

Customize and design the rooms of your restaurant with our room editor in just a few minutes.

Add tables and chairs according to the real capacity of your restaurant, assign your customers to a table directly from Zeus Manager’s reservation book panel.

Optimize your employees’ work shifts with a functional distribution of the room.


View all your reservations on the monthly calendar or daily calendar.

Detect peak occupancy days and manually lock online reservations for specific time slots.

Forget about the no show

Send automatic notifications by email and/or SMS to your clients.

Manage reservation confirmation or cancellation in a few seconds from a single space.

Ask your customers for a quick and easy down payment through Zeus Manager.

Consult with an expert

Talk to one of our experts so we can advise you and find the ideal solution.