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Your reservation management

An online software that will help you effectively manage all reservations for your restaurant with just a few clicks, in real time and where ever you are.

Reservation book

Centralize your reservations in one screen

View your reservations, assign table and status, and stay informed easily in real-time.

All relevant information about your reservations and restaurant capacity in one place.

Zeus Manager automatically sends of reminders to your customers as well as requests for deposit in case of big reservations

Customize and design the spaces of your restaurant with our room editor in just a few minutes.

Get to know your custumers

A satisfied customer always comes back

Register your customers with the information you need to improve their experience and import and export their data easily.

Automatically send information to your customers about the status of their reservations via email and/or SMS.

Improve service quality by automatically sending customer satisfaction surveys.

Intelligent engine

Make your reservations take off

Aumenta facturación

Based on real-time capacity, Zeus manager engine can automatically lock or unlock different reservation time slots.

Increase revenue by facilitating direct reservations by implementing the engine on your website and social media.

Stop depending on third parties. Zeus Manager does it for you

We solve real problems

What does the reservations module help you with?

Reservation book

Manage your reservations easily, create maps of your location, and forget about the No Show.

Get to know your custumers

Create a database of your customers, keep them informed, and send satisfaction surveys.

Intelligent engine

Automatise the reservation process on your website and social media and stop depending on third parties.