Customize your restaurant, in your own way.

Set up your reservations

Set up the initial parameters of your restaurant’s reservations. Indicate the minimum or maximum time in advance, the average table time, number of diners to be considered and treated as a group, and your cancellation policy.

Intelligent booking engine

Define your time interval for the admission of reservations and decide whether to work with the basic or advanced option.

The engine’s basic option allows you to define a maximum number of diners to accept the online reservation automatically, with the rest to be confirmed.

The intelligent option automates locking and unlocking of available hours for online booking based on availability and your settings.

Get ahead of your bookings

Define your restaurant’s regular online reservation schedules. Add temporary changes to change online booking schedules during important dates such as Christmas or holidays.

An easy payment system

Simplify the payment process for your customers through the Stripe online payment system.

Reduce your restaurant’s No Show with a deposit option for your customers.

Automated Email / SMS

Automatic notifications sent by email or SMS to your customers and managers every time they make a new reservation.

Zeus Manager will keep your guests informed about their reservation status (confirmed, pending or cancelled) and remind them of their reservation date in advance.

Make your reservation management faster and easier with Zeus Manager.

Intelligent engine integration

Use Zeus Manager booking engine to integrate your online booking button on different platforms such as your website, social networks or special directories like Google My Business.

Online menus

Add your restaurant menus in PDF format and specify their characteristics.

Define prices, available days and schedules, and set up online and/or offline viewing.

Unify your prescribers

Add prescribers such as agencies, hotels, tour operators or internet platforms and visualize how many bookings they bring you.

Consult with an expert

Talk to one of our experts so we can advise you and find the ideal solution.