Zeus Employee

Connect with your team

Facilitate clock-in and clock-out

Keep track of your employees entries and exits quickly and easily through their own device and manage their hours in the “Clocking” section of the labor module.

All you will have to do is click a button!

Easily assign tasks

Your team will have all their weekly tasks and will be able to update their status at any time.

Easily create and copy tasks by assigning them to employee groups and categories. All this will be recorded so that you have all the information under control.

Update weekly schedules

Schedule hours of service for each category and each employee on a weekly basis.

All employees assigned to a group/category will have up-to-date information on their weekly schedules.

Create, copy or modify work schedules easily from the labor module.

Absence and vacation requests

With Zeus Employee your employees will be able to make vacation requests, as well as consult available days, and you will only have to accept or reject them in the labor module.

In case of justified absence, they may communicate it promptly, attaching the necessary documents.

Automatic notifications

Thanks to Zeus Employee notifications section your employees will be informed in real time of any absence and/or vacation requests that you have approved or rejected from Zeus Manager.

Consult with an expert

Talk to one of our experts so we can advise you and find the ideal solution.