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How table turnover increases your revenue

Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of reservations in your restaurant by utilizing table turnover. This practice will result in better time management and an increase in your revenue.

David Martinez Fontano, CEO of Makro and president of the sector committee at AECOC, announced during the 20th Aecoc Horeca Congress that it will be a “record-breaking summer”in the restaurant industry, In contrast to the past two years, growth in the tourism sector in 2023 is expected to be driven by foreign demand, which will be 10.2% higher.

Even though the summer season has already begun, you still have time to implement strategies that allow you to make the most of it and boost your sales.

Remember, the most important thing is to offer a unique and satisfying experience to your customers. If you manage to do that, it’s very likely that your sales will increase and your business will benefit from this “record-breaking summer.” Seize this opportunity!

Prepare your restaurant for this summer

Summer is one of the best seasons for restaurants. Good weather and school holidays are the perfect combination to attract many diners to your establishment. This is excellent news, isn’t it? However, without proper optimization of your reservations, you could miss out on many business opportunities.

For example, imagine customers arriving at your restaurant around 1:00 pm for lunch, and once their meal is finished, they linger until 3:30 pm. If you can’t offer them additional services, such as cocktails, you’d have an occupied table without consumption. In other words, you’re missing an opportunity to increase your revenue.

How can we solve this? Quite simple, by implementing a table turnover system.

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And how do we implement table turnover?

A very straightforward option to increase customer flow during summer is by implementing a table turnover system. This means defining a maximum reservation duration, for instance, 90 minutes. This way, if someone reserves a table at 1:00 pm, they’ll have until 2:30 pm to enjoy their meal. Thus, you can be sure that new customers will enter at 2:30 pm, generating another bill.

Before making any changes, it’s essential to calculate the average consumption time to not affect customer waiting times.

With these functionalities, the Reservations Module of Zeus Manager will enable you to efficiently and effectively manage reservations in your company, resulting in better time management and an enhanced customer experience.

Optimize your customer flow and improve the experience in your business!

How does table turnover benefit you?

Introducing a table turnover system in your restaurant can yield multiple benefits, such as:

Remember that optimizing reservations is a key aspect of the success of any restaurant business. With good reservation management and exceptional service, you can build customer loyalty and increase your earnings.


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