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Customer service at its best: Build client loyalty in your restaurant

Attract and retain more diners to your restaurant with quality and digital customer service. Optimize your restaurant for success!

Would you like to have loyal customers who not only feel satisfied, but also recommend you to their friends and family, come back frequently, and spend more money?

Of course, we all want something like that. However, achieving this can be a headache for restaurateurs. Offering excellent customer service is essential from the beginning.

Let us give you some tips that will help you retain your diners.

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1. Have an updated and accessible website

Good customer service starts far beyond the borders of your establishment. Yes, you read that right. You start building loyalty from the moment the diner learns about your restaurant, whether through social media or your website. That is your gateway, and it must greet visitors correctly.

Make sure your website meets these basic points:

2. Quality customer service

Once the client arrives at your restaurant, your team becomes the face of your business, and their customers treatment is essential.

Surely, when you go to a restaurant, you want to be treated the same way every time. No matter what happens. That’s why it’s essential to establish protocols to ensure that your team knows how to address customers and handle situations of dissatisfaction.

The key: personalization

Call your customers by their name, offer them small courtesies like a drink, and above all, make them feel at home.

3. Provide a welcoming atmosphere

The atmosphere of your restaurant is key to creating an unforgettable experience.

Music, lighting, decor, and table layout should be in harmony to convey the desired atmosphere.

Pay attention to details, as these make the difference between a good and bad experience.

Ambiente relajado restaurante

4. Optimize wait times

We live in the society of “Me-Me, Now-Now”.Diners don’t want to wait forever to enjoy their food. That is why, if you want to retain them, it is essential to control the waiting times.

How? Using software like Zeus Manager to streamline service:

Reduce wait time

Avoid queues by implementing online reservation software that allows table rotation. This way, you can plan shifts effectively and have the necessary staff to carry out the service without making customers wait.

Control kitchen tasks

Supervise the progress of assigned tasks and instantly verify if they have been completed correctly, who has completed them, and at what time they were completed. Then, you can plan tasks in advance and have fewer setbacks.

Automate processes

Keep your customers informed of every new reservation through automatic email or SMS notifications. The system will inform them about the status of their reservations (confirmed, pending, or canceled) and remind them of the reservation date in advance.

Dedicating time and resources to have loyal customers is an investment that translates into growth for your restaurant. 

So, roll up your sleeves and start building loyalty!


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