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How to spend less on apps for your restaurant

Discover how to save and spend less on daily management apps for your restaurant, with an all-in-one software like Zeus Manager.

With technology spreading throughout the restaurant sector, a myriad of specialized apps have emerged for all types of operational tasks. From table reservations to scheduling control and data analysis, restaurants have to deal with many different applications, each with their own fees and requirements. And this not only results in higher costs, but also adds complications and redundancies to daily management.

These are some of the apps that you probably use in the daily management of your restaurant, but that can increase your costs:

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Reservation software

Many restaurants use specialized applications for digital reservation management. The incorporation of a reservation engine in a restaurant not only simplifies reservation management, but also brings substantial benefits:

⚠️ Commissions

If you work with online reservation portals for commission per sale, you may be throwing your money away! Although these applications only charge you when they make a sale, they charge you a commission of €2 per diner, whether new or habitual. In the end, the cheap becomes expensive.

Comisiones Reservas Restaurantes

Applications for labor management

Personnel management is a task that often requires several applications and resources. ome existing apps can address this complexity by offering tools to manage schedules, vacations, absences, contracts, and payments.

These functions not only simplify administration, but can also reduce costs associated with multiple tools and manual processes.

Integral management

It is essential to cross-reference reservation data with labor data. This way, you can adjust schedules to have only the necessary personnel to carry out services. And thus, keep costs under control.

Plataforma de gestión integral

Apps for time control

Companies are updating and opting for technological solutions in time control, as it allows for automated and reliable registration, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of the records.

And that’s not all! By adopting these digital solutions, your company and your employees benefit from several advantages, such as:

Precision and reliability

Efficiency and productivity

Zeus Employee - Control horario

Business analytics

Analytics is essential for understanding restaurant performance and making informed decisions. Comprehensive apps can provide detailed reports on:

And here's the solution

The key to spending less is to adopt an all-in-one software that can handle all of these tasks. You will not only save on costs, but also optimize your management! Everything is easier when you have everything in one place, right?

An application like Zeus Manager is every manager’s dream. Imagine that your team only needs to know one platform. You will reduce training costs, while your team will be more productive, avoiding jumping between different apps.

Investing in all-in-one software may seem like a big expense at first, but in the long run it becomes an intelligent saving that will make your restaurant more profitable and efficient!


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